Why do you need a real estate agency?

One of the biggest life ventures of many people is buying real estate. The whole process of buying real estate, from finding the property according to the wishes and requirements, to the very realization of the purchase can be a real pain. In addition, without knowledge in dealing with paperwork, the process of buying real estate requires a lot of time for those who are not familiar with the process itself, which is why it is good to hire a real estate agency. In addition to saving you time, it will help you in inspecting the property and determining its real value. Below are some reasons to hire a real estate agency when making a purchase.

Expertise in the field of work
The main reason you should hire a real estate agency is expertise. Every real estate agent has the knowledge and experience needed to perform this job well. Just as a mechanic will help you in case you need to replace a part on your car, so will a real estate agency engagement help you to easily find and buy the perfect property that you will be happy with.

Knowledge of prices in a particular real estate market

Real estate agency Libertas inženjering specializes in real estate in Dubrovnik and its surroundings. Each agency monitors the real estate market situation in its area and has the knowledge to determine real estate prices according to various parameters. In addition to the location itself, which is most important when determining the price of a particular property, the price also depends on the categorization, size, arrangement and age of the property. For example, villas in Dubrovnik are much more expensive to sell than houses on the island of Lopud.

Knowledge of the law
Every agent knows the laws and will help you with paperwork. As an individual buying a property for the first time this can be a very challenging step. That’s why it’s a good decision for a real estate agency to do these steps for you. Every real estate agent must know and continuously monitor tax laws and other legal regulations related to the purchase and sale of real estate, so you will be sure that everything is done according to the regulations.


Paperwork – turnkey basis
In accordance with the above, we can conclude that the real estate agency will solve everything for you. You can see the real estate in Dubrovnik and its surroundings for sale on our website, and when you buy them, it is our obligation to do all the steps for you. This includes checking the real estate, checking the ownership in the land register, obtaining an energy certificate, concluding contracts and pre-contracts, and possible contact with the bank regarding the realization of the loan. Followed by registering you as the new property owner. Real estate agency Libertas Inženjering takes responsibility for the implementation of all procedures, and your only obligation is to study and review all documents and sign them.

Quick purchase or sale of real estate
Another advantage that you should consider hiring a real estate agency for is the speed with which you can buy or sell a property. When buying a property from the real estate agency's offer, you are sure that the property is legal and purely owned, and the purchase process itself can be done much safer and faster than looking for the property yourself through an advertisement. When selling real estate in a solo engagement, the search for a buyer will be much slower. The real estate agency has clients in its database to whom it is looking for real estate according to certain requirements, and it advertises the real estate it sells. The agency will write a quality real estate ad for you, professionally photograph the property if necessary, and ultimately find buyers much faster than you can.

Agents will advise you
The key thing is that a real estate agent will not look at you as a benefit, but as an intermediary will advise you on everything you need. He will inspect the property and tell you its real condition and price. Libertas Inženjering Real Estate Agency always aims to provide a comprehensive service to its clients and thus raise its service to a higher level. You will spend many years in the property you are buying, so we can help you make sure you are not buying a "cat in a bag".

Agency Libertas Inženjering
Real estate agency Libertas inženjering operates in the area of ​​Dubrovnik and its surroundings. The experience we have and professional employees will make buying a property an easy task. By hiring us, you will be sure that you have found a property that suits your needs, that justifies its price and that has "clean papers", because our ultimate goal is a satisfied buyer.