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Goran  Pikunić
CEO / General manager
+385 99 216 2490
+385(0)20 356 020
Goran was born, grew up, and currently lives in Dubrovnik. He will always proudly emphasize belonging to his region. In Dubrovnik, he is building a complex business activity that delivers a valuable contribution to the local community and numerous individuals through strategic development, the creation of added value and humanitarian activities.

His business rise, which lasts for two decades now, began in 2003, and two years later he founded the company Libertas inženjering for mediation in real estate transactions and construction, especially focused on the restoration of Dubrovnik's heritage under the protection of UNESCO.

First and foremost, he is a project manager of the highest level, which he proved by the realization of a series of capital projects in which he stood out with his multi-layered knowledge of topics from numerous fields, among others, law, construction, and economics, with a special emphasis on investment strategies, and dedication to each of the phases of project implementation, from start to finish, with a brilliant understanding of local opportunities.

Based on his knowledge and experience, he unmistakably recognizes investment opportunities, with the precise measure of boldness and moderation in his business ventures. He knows market determinants in detail and follows market fluctuations, constantly researching and evaluating information that is often crucial for the client and the fate of investment processes. He also expects respect of the highest professional standards from his associates, always rewarding their commitment to work and finding effective and creative solutions.
 He is determined and courageous, self-confident, and tireless in achieving his goals and acting in the interests of his clients. He is characterized by excellent communication skills, especially in negotiation, and a friendly and warm approach. He is firmly supported by the respect of satisfied clients, as well as statistics that place him in the top 2% of Croatian project managers. His achievements are impressive, such as the figure of over a thousand sold properties with an approximate value of one billion euros.

He holds the label of a person who sold one square meter of space at a price of over 60,000 euros, which is the highest price achieved per square meter since the independence of Croatia. In addition, he was the only one in Croatia to mediate the sale of the Rector's Palace. With a southern charm and cheerful spirit, with his business moves, he opens up important and interesting topics in the field of his activities, but also intriguing ones thanks to his perspicacity and unique approach.

He is a husband and father of three children. His hobbies include tennis and football, and reading famous and lesser-known, inspiring biographies. He has inexhaustible energy, constantly pushing the boundaries of success. The scale of his goals is unbelievably high.
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