A breathtaking 15th century tower on island of Lopud

Surrounded by a large garden and a garden with a great view of the sea, this tower will leave you breathless. A little more than 15 years ago, when visiting the island of Lopud, an American architect fell in love with it at first sight. Fascinated by the amazing architecture of the time, he bought it and then restored it. As he himself told Architectural Digest, he has been fascinated by tall buildings since he was a child, and the view from this 5-storey tower is amazing and was certainly one of the reasons to buy it.

Famous artist and interior designer Lucien Rees also helped the architect with the interior design. That a great job was done is clear from a look at the photos, and the tower which was the main defense of the island from the enemy in the past, today looks amazing.

In the past the ground floor was equipped with a cistern with drinking water, and on the top floor there was a fireplace for water heating which would be poured on the attackers. Since the renovation in 2005, there is a stone kitchen on the site of the cistern, and on the first and second floor there are rooms and a bathroom. The third floor is reserved for dining, while on the fourth floor there is a lounge area with an irresistible view of the sea and the coast.

In order to keep the tower in its original appearance, during the renovation owners tried to save original elements of the tower. As a result, the walls remained intact, and the floor was replaced with handmade terracotta tiles that fit perfectly into the space. It is interesting that all the furniture was transported by boat and on foot, which is also the reason why the owners decided on the principle of simple minimalist decoration. Interesting art work on the walls works of artists Peter Rees Roberts and Ursula McCannell. The open lounge area of ​​the house is reserved for one of the most beautiful sunsets that can be experienced, and the garden is often the backdrop for film screenings for family, guests and friends, which certainly gives an extra dimension to this medieval tower.